Legends of Aros
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Ready? Conquer!^3000Plunder!^3000Survive!^3000Explore!^3000Build!^3000

Welcome to Legends of Aros!

Are you ready to conquer, plunder, and survive the in the world of Aros? To discover the lost knowledge and secrets of the world? The focus of Legends of Aros to create a Unique MMO that breaks from the norm that has been set today. A&C Entertainment wants to create a game that is about the players and their enjoyment in the world, instead of about the paycheck they will receive. We offer multiple different options to allow for different walks of life to play. While bringing new content continously to create a living and changing world, the players decide the fates of the world while we continue to bring them content to control. Dig around the website to learn more or to get yourself ready to jump into the game.

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We're currently looking to expand our team! Do you have a drive for success? Do you want to be apart of something great? Do you have talent that you feel will benefit the gaming industry? Well we're interested! Check out our Careers page, the link can be found at the...
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The Beginning!

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We've have started our official journey towards bringing Legends of Aros to life! Now we can step forward each day at a time to build this amazing world that has been developed on paper. Now we will begin to bring to to life, this is a truely astonishing feeling already....
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