Latest Changelog Updates (Click here to see full changelog)
29 October 2019 (09:06) Changed starting area to a tutorial area. Changed starter items. Fixed rope bug.
28 October 2019 (03:54) Server reset, added in OTC, No more VOC, New skill tree, auto-loot items, duel wielding weapons
[#2] 29 October 2019 (09:12) by Aros - Small updates

Today I updated the map to include Togu's TFS edited map. This was an idea I thought about adding but wasn't sure due to it having the default TFS city. However, with it, I gained Yalahar, rookstyle city, and many other areas! Now you will start off as a level 1, basic stats, a club and in a starting area where you can pick up different weapons!

Each weapon you pick up you will get a brief description of what, and how the stat system works. So please read over it as each weapon depends on different stats! Once you reach level 8 you can speak to The Oracle and be teleported to one of the main cities. She will state that your stats will be reset however, they will not be. 

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